Soft, dreamy Byrds pop with honest voices devoid of any hip affectation. Teenage Fanclub stripped of their fuzz pedals (though there are exceptions & surprises throughout). A good album top to bottom, as an album should be.”

— Mick Davis (The Novaks, Thin Love) on the album "Pleasure in the Pathless Woods"


Rick Sparkes is an award-winning Canadian writer and multi-genre musician whose songs have been featured on radio stations across the country. Sparkes' second full-length album, Pleasure in the Pathless Woods, was released in March 2021 and went on to win the 2022 Music PEI Award for Group Recording of the Year, the 2022 City of Summerside Cultural Award, and earned a nomination for Group Recording OTY at the 2022 East Coast Music Awards (ECMAs). Sparkes' third album, Picture Yourself in a Riot, was released on May 5, 2023 and features the critically-acclaimed first single, "Picture Yourself in a Riot."

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